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Pindot – Axminster Carpets

MasterWeaver Axminster Baroque Pindot range features 10 strong commercial colours. The traditional pindot pattern makes this range ideal for hotel rooms and receptions. Weighing at 40oz our Baroque Pindot range is ideal choice for areas of heavy commercial usage in places such as hotels,bars and leisure centers. Our Baroque Cameo and Baroque Pindot range of carpets use 100% colour match combinations.

“10 Traditional and Unique Colours”.

Pindot Technical Specification

High quality Axminster Pindot carpet consisting of 8 rows, made out of blend of 80% New Wool & 20% Nylon for added durability. Weighing at 40oz per square yard our Pindot carpets is an excellent choice if you are looking for beautiful & durable flooring surface.

Buy our Axminster Pindot Carpet Online – 10 Modern Designs

Our Axminster Pindot range is fully stocked and available for purchase directly from us. We offer full cut to size service and delivery to any address in the UK.
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Axminster Carpet Construction

The pile yarn for Axminster carpets is cut to the required length, woven from the top, down between the warp yarns, turned around the weft and back out the top before the next row is presented. Axminster carpets are always cut pile, because of this method of manufacture.

What is Axminster Carpet?

Axminster woven carpets have a far greater proportion of yarn in the face of the carpet than patterned tufted options, which adds to the quality of the finished product. While woven and tufted carpets may have the same density, woven carpets are more durable & longer lasting.

Why choose Wool Carpets?

Wool carpet will provide superior performance over many years as it can offer unique resilience and long lasting durability. The natural crimp of wool offers valuable ‘bounce-back’ so that pile compression is resisted and the effects of tracking and shading are reduced – maintaining good appearance over many years.

Commercial Guarantee & Suitability Ratings

Built to last, MasterWeaver Axminster carpet range is suitable for use in demanding commercial areas. Weighing at 40oz per square yard and constructed out of 80% New Wool and 20% Nylon our contract quality pindot Axminster carpet range is suitable for use in following commercial environments:

Type Suitability Rating
Hotels ★★★★★
Residential ★★★★★
Bed and Breakfasts ★★★★★
Public Houses (Pubs) ★★★★★
Care Homes ★★★★★
Leisure Clubs ★★★★★
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