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Commercial Carpets – Superior Flooring Choice

If you are looking for commercial quality carpets for hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants, casinos, mosques, cruise ships we can help. Our dedicated contract carpets team can assist you throughout the whole process.

From initial planning to specifying, design, manufacturing & installation you can relay on us. With over 100 years of experience and expertise in carpet manufacturing with portfolio spanning on all four continents, you can find our carpets in iconic places throughout the world.

“Six important steps to perfect Commercial carpet”.

1. Planning


2. Specifying


3. Design


4. Manufacturing


5. Quality


6. Installation


Carpet Project Planning

Project Planning

Project planning is at the heart of what we do. The architect or interior designer supplies floor plans either as hard copies for scanning or via e-mail. Our design team then develops creative solutions to fit the approved design concept into designated areas, no matter how unusual they may be.

Working from your CAD drawings and technical plans we can always come up with design that really works for your project.

Carpet Specifying

The process begins with choosing the correct product for each installation. It is important that the colour, design and carpet specifications are chosen to suit the traffic conditions and room use.

We can supply expert advice on appropriate carpet qualities using international specifications. For example using extremely heavy wear carpet in corridor and using light heavy wear carpet in the bedrooms.

This ensures your project is correctly specified and also ensures your budget is fully optimised.

Commercial Carpet Specifying


Working from initial sketches and images, the designer recreates concepts on the computer. Our weaving machines are capable of producing large repeats and elaborate patterning.

Designs are forwarded to the customer as printouts or electronic proofs and different colourways can be provided.

Before commencing weaving, hand samples are produced using either standard or custom-coloured yarns.

Manufacturing Process

Our carpets are woven on revolutionary electronic Jacquard Gripper looms which can weave intricate patterns in up to twelve colours, and motifs are virtually any length. The system also enables us to weave four-meter-wide sections incorporating the entire design – body, modules, border and outfill – as a continuous unit. This process minimises the number of joins required.

Each phase of production is planned to maximise levels of efficiency and standards of quality. Yarn is manufactured and dyed on site for each specific contract. We offers both Axminster and Wilton woven carpets. While 80/20 Wool/Nylon Axminsters remain the prime choice for detailed patterning, the Wilton system offers innovative texture and styling options with unsurpassed dimensional stability.



All of our custom woven carpets are accredited in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and the ISO 140001 Environmental Management System, thus ensuring that careful attention is paid to the quality of the carpet. In addition to checks through each production phase, the carpet passes through a missing tuft detector, and is subjected to a final visual inspection.

For commercial projects, this involves checking the first carpet modules off the loom against the dimensions of the CAD drawings. This ‘virtual installation’ ensures that all material leaving the factory is woven to specification, avoiding potential problems during the final stage of the contract.


Our internal carpet fitting are fully certified and understand woven carpet and the intricacies of your projects. Detailed fitting and seaming diagrams are supplied as well as directions for the fitting sequence in case you choose to use your own installers.

We are proud to state that we provide installation services for our carpets for any location in the world. Our carpet installations can be found on all four continents in some of the most iconic buildings & landmarks.

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