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Carpet Manufacturing

In conjunction with Crossley South Africa we provide full carpet manufacturing services for both Axminster & Wilton carpets. Over the years we have worked on top hospitality projects around the globe, covering aspects such as specifying, design, project management, installation & on-site support.

Our manufacturing processed takes into consideration the main aspects of your project such as optimum quantification, control & cost efficiency.

Production Process

Woven on revolutionary electronic Jacquard Gripper looms which can weave intricate patterns in up to twelve colours, and motifs in virtually any length.

The system enables us to weave four-meter wide sections incorporating the entire design – body, modules, border & outfill – as continuous unit.

This allows us to reduce number of required joints and manufacture carpet which is only limited by your imagination.


Raw Materials

In order to manufacture world class carpet we only use high quality raw materials. By using combination of New Zeland Wool & British Wool together with jute backing we manufacture carpet of highest quality and durability.

Yarn is manufactured and dyed on site for each specific custom woven carpet to ensure consistency and rigorous quality control of each part of the production.



While innovation remains a cornerstone of our ongoing success, we are committed to the discipline of a wold-class standard of operation. Each one of our carpets is certified with ISO 9001 quality certification together with ISO 14001 certification which ensures that during our manufacturing process we conrol the impact which operations & products have on our surroundings.

In addition to checks through each production phase, the carpet passes through a missing tuft detector, and is subjected to a final visual inspection.

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