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Wilton Carpets

We are one of the UK’s largest supplier & stockists of high quality Wilton carpets. Available in eight unique designs in over 71 colours our high quality Wilton carpet ranges are fully stocked in the UK and available for purchase. Made to last our Wilton wool rich carpet collection is suitable for both commercial and residential environments.

“Our Wilton Carpet Collection”.

High Quality Wilton Carpet

We are one of the UK’s leading stockists of high quality Wilton carpets.

Majority of our Wilton carpets are made out of 100% of New Wool with exception of our Wilton twist which uses combination of 80% New Wool & 20% Nylon. The luxurious soft feel of wool combined with high quality Wilton carpet construction creates carpet that is both beautiful & extremely durable.

Due to how Wilton carpet is woven it’s one of the highest quality carpets you can own. The surface pile yarn is lifted from the back of the carpet and is woven over a flat wire of predetermined pile height to create the carpet pile. This weaving method creates the carpet of highest quality and durability.

High Quality Wilton Carpets

Fully Stocked in the UK

All of our Wilton carpet ranges are fully stocked in the UK. Our warehouse is located in Kidderminster. Modern carpet industry was started in Kidderminster which is conveniently located in Central part of England.

With over 1 000 000 square meters of carpet in stock, we one of the UK’s biggest stockists of high quality wool carpets.

Whether you are looking for several square meters or several rolls of carpet we can help.


Bespoke Custom Woven

If you are looking for something unique we offer full bespoke custom weaving service.

We can assist you with every aspect of custom weaving process. From initial specification, design, sampling to full manufacturing & installation service.

Together with Crossley Holdings in South Africa we have over 100 years of combined experience & expertise when it comes to carpet manufacturing, designs & installations.

We have one of the largest Wilton carpet design collections which you can use as foundation for your bespoke carpet design inspiration.


Commercial Quality

Wilton carpets are specified as flooring option for high majority of public environments. Fire resistance, resilience, sound reduction, easy of cleaning, cushioned surface, durability are just some of the reasons that make Wilton carpet a excellent choice flooring surface in commercial settings.

If you are looking for flooring option for restaurants, bars, hotels,airports, leisure industry then our high quality Wilton carpets are a great choice.

Each one of our stocked carpet ranges carries very heavy wear suitability or extra heavy wear, making them a great choice for commercial projects.


UK & World Wide Delivery

Being conveniently located in Central England we provide dedicated carpet delivery service to all parts of UK.

We regularly send our carpet to Northern Ireland, Ireland, remote parts of Scotland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight etc.

On top of our UK national delivery service we also are happy to send our carpet to any country in the World for which we use dedicated carries.

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